Weekly Menu

Menu Key:

P-Paleo A - Ancestral V- Vegetarian (may contain eggs) optional VG- vegan optional D- Dairy free optional E- Egg free N- Nut free

*We source all of our meats and seafood through Greene Grape Provisions, a small butcher shop in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. Meats are local, grass-feed/pasture-raised. Seafood is wild-caught or sustainable harvested, and local when possible.*




Sephardic Chicken P D E N (Breast or Thigh)

Slow Braised Thigh or Breast | Sephardic Spices | Fried Garlic and Jicama | Roasted Brussels | Fresh Herbs


Parm P V D (Chicken or Eggplant)

Almond Crusted Chicken or Eggplant | House Made Red Sauce | Cashew Ricotta | Fresh Herbs | Broccoli with Chili & Fried Garlic


Biryani  P D E  

Cauliflower, Nuts, Seeds, Buckwheat | Bharat Onion and Roasted Radish | Shredded Chicken | Sautéed Greens | Cilantro Chutney


Thai Fish Curry Stew P D E N

Coconut Dash Broth | Ginger & Lime | Market White Fish | Mushroom & Bok Choy | Sprouted Rice or Miracle Rice



Paleo Flatbreads with Arugula Pesto, Cherry Tomato, Chix  P D

Keto Lemon Poppy Loaf P V D

No Bake Keto Cookie Dough Bite P V VG D E