Menu 6/14


Flatbread P V D

Paleo flatbread | house made red sauce | optional proscuito | grilled mushroom | wild arugula | pesto and pine nut parm


Veggie Fried “Rice” P V D N

Shiritake rice | sautéed market veggies | choice: scallop or grilled chicken | egg | garlic spinach | tahini & chili oil | crispy shallot | fresh herbs



Choice: breast, thigh, tofu | pomegranate & sumac bbq | herb pesto sun choke salad with micro greens and balanced peas | soft egg


Mopu Brisket P D E

Slow braised brisket | sesame chili gravy | baby boy chow | coconut cream | black bean noodles


Stuffed Cabbage P D

Lamb, baharat, fresh herbs, pine nuts | caramelized cabbage | green tahini | spice roasted carrots and fennel


Chocolate Cherry Chia Pudding P V VG D E N

Zucchini Egg Pie P VG D

Vegan Raspberry Cheesecake Bard P V VG D E


Menu Key:
P-Paleo A - Ancestral V- Vegetarian (may contain eggs) optional VG- vegan optional D- Dairy free optional E- Egg free N- Nut free
*Where possible, we source all (local, pasture raised) meats through Williamsburg's Meat Hook, and all (sustainable) seafood through Green Point Fish & Lobster.