Weekly Menu

Menu Key:

P-Paleo A - Ancestral V- Vegetarian (may contain eggs) optional VG- vegan optional D- Dairy free optional E- Egg free N- Nut free

*We source all of our meats and seafood through Greene Grape Provisions, a small butcher shop in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. Meats are local, grass-feed/pasture-raised. Seafood is wild-caught or sustainable harvested, and local when possible.*



Beef and Cheddar P  V  VG  D  E  **Indicate portion

Open faced paleo onion roll | grilled feather steak and/or wild mushroom | caramelized onion | white carrot cheddar | horsey cream | vinegar sauce | massaged kale with coconut yogurt ranch


Gyro P  VG  V  D  E  N **Indicate protein

Blanched Collard wrap | homemade lamb gyro or tempeh | heirloom tomato, red onion, cucumber, romain | coconut taziki | spiced rainbow carrot fries 


Picatta  P  V  **Indicate protein

Paleo “Floured” chicken or hen of the woods | grilled artichoke and asparagus | lemon, ghee, natural wine | capers and fresh herbs | charred broccolini with garlic and chili


General Tso’s Taco P  D

Crispy chicken or tofu | charred broccolini | cilantro & scallion | house made hoisin and chili oil | toasted rice powder, crispy shallot, and sesame seeds | cactus tortilla | cabbage and snow pea slaw  


Swedish Meatballs  P  D  E  N

Spiced beef | vodka [cran] sauce (with coconut cream and lingonberry relish) | roasted sun-chokes and brussels



Banana Chocolate Crumb Cake (entimans inspired)

Pecan Sandies

Breakfast Egg Foo Young