Weekly Menu

Menu Key:

P-Paleo A - Ancestral V- Vegetarian (may contain eggs) optional VG- vegan optional D- Dairy free optional E- Egg free N- Nut free

*We source all of our meats and seafood through Greene Grape Provisions, a small butcher shop in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. Meats are local, grass-feed/pasture-raised. Seafood is wild-caught or sustainable harvested, and local when possible.*



Braised Short Rib Massaman Curry  P  D  E

Slow braised short rib (tofu optional but not vegan) | red onion and baby potato | nut butter massaman | garlic bok choy | toasted millet | fresh herbs


Adobo Bowl  P  D  E

Slow braised breast or thigh (tofu optional) | vinegar and turmeric adobo | roasted winter squash, cauliflower and sauteed spinach | miracle noodles | fresh herbs and chili oil 


Furikake and Black Bean Soba  P(ish)  V  VG  D  N

Furakake crusted salmon or tofu | black bean (soba) noodle | toasted sesame and crispy veggies | beet and miso picked egg | fresh herbs | tahini 


Chicken and Zucchini Kofta Wraps  P  D  E  N

Pickled cabbage | tomato, red onion, cucumber | blanched collard and cactus wraps | sumac coconut yogurt | tahini caesar


Pork White Mopu Stew  P  D  E  

Slow braised pork | white mopu and coconut gravy | market veggies and greens | fresh herbs | paleo gnocchi


Paleo Miso Pecan Cookie  P  V  D  

Paleo Edible Cookie Dough  P  V  VG  D  E

Paleo Chicken Sausage & Greens P  D  E