Weekly Menu

Menu Key:

P-Paleo A - Ancestral V- Vegetarian (may contain eggs) optional VG- vegan optional D- Dairy free optional E- Egg free N- Nut free

*We source all of our meats and seafood through Greene Grape Provisions, a small butcher shop in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. Meats are local, grass-feed/pasture-raised. Seafood is wild-caught or sustainable harvested, and local when possible.*


Lamb Kofta or Curried Chickpeas  P V VG D E N
Spiced lamb & fresh herbs or Curried Chickpea | roasted root and tahini puree | greek salad | cucumber almond yogurt  
**Please Indicate Vegan Option 

Jamaican Jerk Burger  P V VG D E N    
Jerk spiced turkey of grilled *tofu | caramelized onions | sweet plantain | grilled tomato | blanched collard wrap | mustard radish salad | spicy jicama fries
**Please Indicate Vegan Option 

Pork Tenderloin or Chicken Breast & Pumpkin Mole  P D E
Roasted pork tenderloin or Chicken Breast | grilled pumpkin mole | mexican cauli rice | sauteed greens | plantain | toasted pepitas | paleo tortilla
**Indicate Protein Preference

Truffled Celery Root Puree   P V N E
Caramelized ghee | grilled wild mushrooms | quinoa and roasted veggie salad 

White Fish & Crab Curry  P D E N
Crispy white market fish | house made red curry & coconut milk | baby bok choy and shallots | miracle rice


Paleo Lemon Poppy Loaf  P V D
Paleo Market Veg Quiche  P D N
Paleo Coconut Matcha Mint Chia  P V VG D E N