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Meal Collective believes health food should taste great and be easy to get. We deliver restaurant worthy, nutrient-dense meals directly to your Brooklyn or Manhattan doorstep. We like to call our food Ancestral Paleo - it's the food of our ancestors. Pre-processed and pre-modern day illness and disease. All of our meals are based on a Paleo diet, but we also feel fermented dairy and legumes have a place at the table (only if you're into that).

how it works

Step One

Our healthy delicious menu changes every Monday so you're never bored with your meals. 

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Step Two

Place your order online by Thursday. Choose from 2 Meal Plans. Select your Entrees and Snacks and check out. 

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Step Three

Delivery typically occurs on Sunday evenings- but due to the Covid outbreak we have shifted delivery to Tuesday evenings between 4-9 until further notice.  We will give you a shout when we are close so you can set the table. 

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Want More?

Meal Collective Offers Personal Chef Services

Weekly meal delivery is convenient and takes a lot off your plate. But if you need us for even more help - we are here! Chef MB's private chef services are great for families, individuals with specific dietary needs or health conditions, or if you just want a little more support with meal coverage for the week. 

Contact us to find out more! 

Who we are

Chef MB

Chef MB is a Certified Natural Foods Chef specializing in Globally inspired Paleo and Ancestral Diets.  She received her culinary training through the Nutrition Therapy Institute of Denver Colorado.

​Chef MB has been working as a therapeutic chef, providing delicious and healing meals to NYC residents for over three years. She accomplished and well-versed in therapeutic diets to include FODMAPs, SCD, Ketogenic, Candida and more.